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November 7th, 2007

Scuba Divers Breathe Oxygen

Posted by Instructor Bill in Scuba Myths - Confirmed or Busted?

scuba tanksWell actually that is a Myth for the most part as the air we breathe is regular air that is dried, filtered and then compressed in to a Scuba Tank.  The oxygen content is about 20% Oxygen and 80% Nitrogen.  So I say Busted.

On another note, there are times when folks will scuba dive on Nitrox nitrox divermixes has a higher oxygen content.  This can be from 32% Oxygen all the way up to 100%.  the 32% and 36% blends are for Nitrox Diving where you can increase your bottom time but you are limited to a certain depth due to the effects of breathing these blends at depth.  More training is required. 

The 50% and higher blends are for Technical Diving and the higher content is for Mandatory Decompression stops.  Again special training for this as well.

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