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November 27th, 2007

Farting in a Scuba Wetsuit?

Posted by Instructor Bill in Scuba Myths - Confirmed or Busted?

farting in a wetsuit?farting in a wetsuit?farting in a wetsuit?I thought this was a good one.  If you fart in a wetsuit will it blow up with your gas?  I already know the answer but I figured it would be a funny addition to the Scuba Myth category.  While I admit that I have farted in my wetsuit, it has never blown up or expanded like the poor guy below.  I do remember a few bubbles escaping into the water, but I don’t think that I was letting that much escape.  Hmmm, makes you wonder.   I have even farted in a dry suit without any altercations. 

I wonder if anyone has done the number 2?  That would be a scuba discussion for another time I suspect.

 For now I say BUSTED!!!

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