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December 19th, 2007

Choosing the Proper Snorkel?

Posted by DiveMaster in The Scuba Blog

dry snorkelSnorkels have changed allot but have always stayed in 3 basic categories.

  Dry, Splash Guard and Basic or traditional.  The dry snorkel gets its name from staying dry when you go under water, (providing the user keeps the mouthpiece in when doing so).


A dry top or splashguard style has the same attributes but not the dry feature that seals when taken under water.  The splashguard keeps water from freely entering the breathing tube when a wave may accidentally come over or the user mistakenly dips it under.

 Lastly a fixed position mouthpiece is best for snorkeling as the mouth piece will always be in you mouth and no jaw fatigue.  For Scuba the best is usually the corrugated version as when you are not using it, the mouthpiece flexes down and out of the way so you can make room for your regulator.

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  The jaw fatigue factor is not as important as usually you don’t need to use it as often.

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