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March 16th, 2009

What Is The Difference Between Oceanic DVT and Non-DVT Regulators

Posted by DiveMaster in Scuba Gear Reviews and News

Malcolm has asked the following question:

What is the main difference between the 
oceanic eos yoke Regulator and the non 
DVT-Din regulator? What is better?




 Oceanic EOS Scuba Regulators


Hello, The DVT refers to a spring loaded 
plug that is built into some

of the Oceanic regulators that seal 
the first stage opening and stops

 water flowing in if the first stage 
was accidently dropped in the

water.  As far as what version is best? 
The DIN is a completely different 
configuration meant to be used with a DIN 
valve. But the basic answer is that the 
DVT is a great add on and does make it a 

better regulator.  Thanks for your 

interest in scuba diving.