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February 1st, 2008

Where Has All The Good Scuba Diving Gone?

Posted by Instructor Bill in Confessions of a Scuba Diver

batch plantWell, I write this with a heavy hand as it has come to my attention that one of my favorite diving destinations is continuing to lose water depth.  Yes that is right, the dive sites I used to know and love have pretty much disappeared.  OK, I know the suspense is killing you.  I am referring to Lake Mead in Las Vegas Nevada.  Yep, I have cut my teeth here and now it is a completely different diving destination.

Dive spots like the Batch Plant and the Tortuga are high and dry.  Bummer.  On the good side, this means that suff we could not dive on because it was to deep is now in recreational dive limits.  So, I guess we will take the good with the bad.

 So, happy diving for now.  Remember: A bad day Blowing Bubbles is better than a day at work!!

November 7th, 2007

Peeing in my Wetsuit?

Posted by Instructor Bill in Confessions of a Scuba Diver

I know, the saying goes like this.  There are two kinds of Scuba Divers: Those that pee in their wetsuits  and those that say they don’t.  Well guess what?  I have never peed in my wetsuit!!!!  Never!!!  Ok, ok you may be saying yeah right, but it is true.  

The idea of my pee touching my skin and then staying inside my wetsuit has never been a priority.  I will take a lie detecter test to prove it.  Even on 1 1/2 hour tech dives I have managed to keep it in my pants so to speak.  

Once I was on a dive with my Brother in law in Mexico wearing my Xcel Polarshield Wetsuit, (the one with the integrated dive hood), and  1/2 hour into the dive I had to pee.  So, I simply told him to wait, removed my BCD at 50 feet, set it down, handed him my mask and proceeded to pull the suit down over my head and down enough to pop out the shrinkage and I peed.  It was on my list of one of the most satisfying releases ever. 

If that isn’t enough to prove my point then please , try me.  I have never peed in my wetsuit.  Am I the only one?